Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics recipe is based on natural raw materials but mostly on the pure component, unique worldwide, Dictamelia®, which is the beneficial combination of Dictamo (endemic plant of Cretan land) with Extra Virgin Olive oil organically cultivated. View All


Cretan or Greek olive oil still forms a good base for soap. In Crete today, small family businesses and olive oil processing companies still make olive oil soap. View All

Essential Oils

The essential oils and the oils of aromatic plants are known from the antiquity in therapeutic pharmacology and perfumery, in hygiene and as an ideal perfume for the place of rest and meditation. View All

Cretan Honey

From the prehistoric times to the present day Crete has always produced honey! Through milleniums it seems that nothing has changed. View All

Cretan Wines

According to our mythology, wine was the gift of a great god, Dionysos. He is the god of joy, life and company. Our mythology says that his beloved partner was the daughter of Minos, the mythical king of Crete, Ariadne. These are, maybe, the roots of a story, that nobody knows when it starts... View All